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Beton (Bergen Toy & Novelty Company) – hard acetate plastic Wild West Cowboys, comprising: Mounted Cowboy with pistol and and Foot Cowboy, hand on holster – the standing cowboy with hand on holster has an early separate rectangular base with the full Beton logo ‘Beton Made in U.S.A.’ whilst the hollow cavity on the underside of the horse is marked ‘Made in U.S.A.’ – the horse is moulded in a swirly or marbled grey/cream plastic, which looks most effective, whilst the separate rider is moulded in pale beige acetate plastic. The standing cowboy is moulded in chestnut brown plastic, with a separately moulded peppermint green base. He has a hand-painted pale yellow hat and neckerchief, with flesh face and hands – these early plastic figures date to circa 1950 and are in Very Good condition for their age [3 pieces].

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