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Extremely rare Zang/Modern Packages ‘Mechanic’ 40mm figure, moulded in glue and pumice powder composition (‘Timpolene’), designed by Roy Selwyn-Smith for Timpo (the standing pose with hands on side is typical of the work Selwyn-Smith did for Timpo in Timpolene – dates to circa 1946/48 – figure is in Fair used condition (some paint loss) – obtained with a job lot of early plastic toy soldiers, although this figure is unmarked. We only know of one other example of this figure, owned by Austrian collector Erich Csukovich – though Erich’s example is wearing brown overalls and a lighter brown shirt, not light blue as in this example [See also Chapter One on ‘Modern Packages’ of Peter Cole’s superb reference work: ‘Suspended Animation: An Unauthorised History of Herald & Britains Plastic Figures – Peter says “I have in front of me my Zang/Timpo mechanic. He is different from yours and Erich’s. He has a boiler suit just like yours, and a rather shapeless hat; but he holds in his right hand, against his body, a very shallow oil can, while his left hand hangs down by his side, holding, possibly, a spanner. His shirt is yellow, and his boiler suit is brown. I imagine they were both made, like the chauffeur and the oil cabinets mentioned in the Modern Packages chapter, to go with the Timpo cars and garage”].

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