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Herald Models – H4510 Indian Encampment set, comprising 6 models, including very rare Totem Pole moulded in unusual YELLOW polythene (with early sea green base plinth) – not listed in ‘Herald Civilian Models : The Golden Years 1953 to 1961’ Brown & Cole – plus early Wigwam with small opening flap and Squaw with unusual white painted blob on top of head – in A/F to QGC, with some age wear, paint loss and slight faults (squaw missing single head feather and sitting chief missing tomahawk blade) – early ‘Zang Product’ iconic set dating circa 1955 to ’57 [Peter Cole speculates that Herald were forced to improvise during the early years i.e. before the merger with Britains and used the same yellow plastic as used on the Polar Explorer sledge driver and Wild West horse blankets in this one instance] when unable to source the usual chestnut colour polythene].

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