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Timpo Toys – Cat. No. 4708 Mounted Russian Cossack, comprising: Russian Cossack with Gun Overhead on a Black galloping horse and the correct (yellow) sheepskin saddle. Some minor paint loss otherwise generally Excellent unused condition overall, the rider with both pegs to fit holes in horse’s flanks, though scabbard and rifle butt have been repaired – Box (incorrect) is Fair to Good for age (some age wear, scuffs, crushing, price ‘2/6’ in blue biro) with description sticker ‘No. 4706 Russian Cossacks Firing from Shoulder’, complete with the original packing tissue – Rare early issue, circa 1958 [Provenance: from the Sheldon collection of old shop stock (Sheldon News was a newsagents in Birmingham which traded during the 1950’s and ’60’s) comprising several hundred pieces].

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