SOLD Trojan 70mm Mounted Cowboy (Palamino Horse)


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Possibly Trojan (W. Shipton Ltd.) – extremely rare plastic 70mm Mounted Cowboy (Palamino horse) cat. No. 1129 – hollow horse is marked ‘Made in England’ – these good quality hand-painted British models are copies of Tim-mee moulds and date to circa 1957 (smaller British companies such as Kentoys, Speedwell, UNA and VP are known to have copied widely and Trojan copied the Marx Roy Rogers set and some Marx foot Indian models) – both figure and horse are a/f, the mounted cowboy rider is missing his pistol, whilst the right leading leg of the Palamino horse has been repaired – will post Worldwide at buyer’s risk, but will be very well-packed [we would like to thank Paul Morehead of Plastic Warrior for his help in identifying this figure, and although the horse is marked ‘Made in England’ cannot definitely be attributed to Trojan].

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